Camper Conduct
As a Christian organization Woodlands Baptist Camp maintains standards of conduct, music, and separation. Woodlands Baptist Camp reserves the right to refuse enrollment and to dismiss or request the withdrawal of any camper whose conduct/character, in the opinion of the director, is considered a harmful influence to other campers. When such becomes necessary, there is no refund on registration fees or tuition. Attendance at Woodlands Baptist Camp is a privilege, NOT a right. Campers and their families will be responsible for the replacement of broken windows or abusive destruction of property.

We do not tolerate foul language, any form of sexual harassment, the use of drug, tobacco or drinking alcohol. Campers who either bring such to camp or use such while at camp will be sent home. We reserve the right to request a change in any clothing or behavior deemed in appropriate. Any non-compliant or non-cooperative campers are subject to dismissal.

What to Bring to Camp
The following is a list of items that each camper should bring with him/her to camp: Bible, notebook, pen or pencil, an extra pair of shoes that can get wet and muddy, spending money (snack shop, souvenirs, crafts), bedding for a twin bed, pillow, towels, toiletries, sports clothes for activities, and nice casual clothes for evening services. You may also like to bring suntan lotion, sunglasses, chapstick, hat, sandals, water shoes, swimsuits, extra changes of clothes (in case of wet weather), camera, fishing rod and tackle.

What Not to Bring to Camp
Please do not bring alcoholic beverages, drugs, tobacco, fireworks, ammunition, guns, weapons, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, magazines, apparel with inappropriate graphics or lettering, or any type of electronic device, including, but not limited to cell phones, CD/DVD/MP3 or other music/media players, computer, PDAs, tablets, radios, TVs, and video games. There are no lockers available to secure any item, please do not bring expensive watches, jewelry, or other items to camp. We cannot be held responsible for these things.

Dress Code
Because of the nature of “camping,” we recommend that all camper wear appropriate clothing. For girls/ladies we ask that all clothing worn be loose fitting and reach to the top of the knee. Loose fitting jeans or slacks may be worn. Clothing with a low neckline (front or back), tank tops, or skin-tight shirts are not acceptable camp attire. All fashions must cover the midriff. All swimsuits must be one piece. Colored modest t-shirts and shorts must be worn over swimsuits. For the boys/men we ask that all clothing worn be loose fitting and reach to the top of the knee. Tank tops may not be worn, and exposed undergarments are not permitted. Swimsuits must be modest, trunk-type suits and a colored modest t-shirt must be worn with the swimming trunks.

During the week, campers will be involved in using canoes/boats for activities. Each camper will be provided a life jacket while participating in either boating or canoeing. No matter how good a swimmer a camper may be, the life jacket must be worn.

Snack Shop
Campers will have the opportunity to purhase items from the snack shop. During this time, campers may purchase soft drinks, candy, snacks, ice cream, and other items. The cost of these items is NOT included in the camper fees. A limited selection of Woodland Baptist Camp shirts and hats are available for purchase too.

Campers can also purchase their paintball passes at the snack shop throughout the week.